How to improve business writing skills for the Web and real world.

Improving business writing skills


The Web is a text communication medium, and for the next 10 years (at least), text will remain the best way to communicate. During that time, you can make or break your business success, your very life possibly. Without the good business writing skills, you'll be doomed.

And in today's fast-paced real world, nobody denies the importance of good business writing skills. Writing is still one of the best methods of communication. The majority of business jobs today require above average writing skills. Business writing has become more than a nice thing to have - it has become a necessity.

Most small business people don't have proper writing skills. Most of them never really learned how to write to communicate when they should have - in school. And most small businesses can't afford to hire a writer.

There are, of course, hundreds of books that teach you how to write, the classic being...
The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr.
Only two problems with these "general writing" books...

  1. They are so dry as to be almost unreadable.
  2. They have almost nothing to do with the REAL world.

Besides these books, there are thousands more on how to write "sales copy." The favorite is Ken Evoy's Make Your Words Sell. It's now free. There's no charge - you're not even asked for your email address. This book is great, if you have something to sell. And even then, keep in mind that SELLING comes after PREselling (C-T-P-M process).

Writing to PREsell is an entirely new concept to the art of business writing. Most importantly, it addresses the way that the vast majority of people use the Web - they search for information, solutions, answers to questions, and so on. They don't look for YOU.

Of course, you don't need to concern yourself with good business writing skills if your company is already a well-known brand or if you have a multi-million-dollar advertising budget. Unfortunately, that counts 99.9% of us out. For most of us, acquiring good writing skills is the most effective way to build our online businesses.

Here's a good e-book by Ken Evoy about writing content...
Make Your Content PREsell (MYCPS)

It's the only book of its kind. It will make you more effective, every way, every day. Every communication that you write will be better. Not just your Web pages, e-zines or personal e-mail. Everything you ever write will simply be more effective.

Writing to PREsell is a business skill you can acquire. MYCPS will show you, step by step, clearly...

  • How to write to COMMUNICATE.
  • How to develop your own "voice" with flair and substance.
  • How to convince people to trust and like you.

It's "#1 must reading" for anyone who communicates on the Web, even if it's only via e-mail, and it's now free. Even if you're a writing wizard, you'll certainly pick up at least one good idea, tip, or technique.

The importance of good business writing skills can't be underestimated. If you're smart, you'll insist that your children read MYCPS. This is one of the single best things you can do for your children, because the educational system isn't doing it.

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