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Email spam has reached epidemic levels. Many active Internet users and online business owners receive hundreds of junk emails each day and have to spend hours trying to dig out the "real" emails. So it's no wonder that programmers have created a lot of paid and free spam blockers.

There are three basic types of traditional antispam software...

1) Plug-ins for email clients. These antispam programs run on your computer and require all received spam to be downloaded before they start sorting it.

2) Standalone applications. These spam blockers also run on your computer and communicate with the email server multiple times each hour to check your POP mailbox for spam and delete it. They constantly run in the background, using up resources and bandwidth.

3) Server-side email spam filters. Many ISPs and email servers (HotMail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.) have installed email filtering software that scans email for certain triggers, which may include certain phrases, formatting, and aggressive writing styles. However, many unfair marketers have learned to fool spam filters, while a lot of legitimate emails are blocked by them.

By the way, if you're sending email newsletters or promotions (opt-in!), instead of just hoping for the best, use SiteSell's free SpamCheck. Send a copy of your email to and, in seconds, you'll receive the SpamCheck report with recommendations on how to change the content of your email in order to fool spam filters. Only make sure the subject line starts with the word TEST (in upper case) - if it doesn't, your email will be interpreted as spam and deleted.

There are several companies that have found gaps in the antispam software market and developed new classes of spam blockers...


SPAMfighter Standard is a free spam filtering plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail. Instead of relying on spam filters analyzing keywords, patterns, or heuristics, this spam blocker relies on the common sense of more than 5 million members of its spam-fighting community.

Using this simple concept, SPAMfighter is easy to use and blocks over 98% of spam and fraud from your Inbox. After installation, it starts working immediately without any configuration. All you have to do is click on a single button if a spam message slips through to your Inbox...

How it works

Unlike other spam blockers, SPAMfighter is based entirely on user feedback: whenever somebody blocks or unblocks a specific message, the system learns from that action. Individually your action isn't very powerful, but the collective actions of all members of the SPAMfighter community block over 95% of spam mails and 99% of phishing mails sent out on the Internet.

Every time a spam message makes it through the SPAMfighter filter, you have the opportunity to mark it as spam, and that information is reported back to their data base that is the foundation of the system.

The system is completely automated, which means that it operates immediately in response to real-time feedback - once a few trusted members mark a particular message as spam, no others will even see that message. The more people working together to report spam, the more spam they stop.

Main features...

  • SPAMfighter Standard is free for home users.
  • Works with Outlook 2000/2002/2003/2007, Outlook Express 5.5 or later and Windows Mail on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista (32 bit).
  • Protects against "phishing", identity theft, and other email fraud.
  • Free automatic updates.
  • Protects all the email accounts on your PC.
  • Unique language filtering tool that allows you to stop emails written in specific languages.
  • Unique picture filter that can recognize spam which is sent as a picture.
  • Blacklist domains and emails.
  • Spam Abuse Reporting with one click.
  • Automatic Whitelist management.
  • Language support: English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Russian, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Japanese, Czech, Thai and Danish.

There are two versions of SPAMfighter:

  • SPAMfighter Pro. This is the product you download and get free for 1 month. After the trial, you can choose to pay US$29.00 and keep the Pro version, otherwise you are automatically downgraded to the free SPAMfighter Standard.
  • SPAMfighter Standard. This is a free product and can only be used in homes and schools. In SPAMfighter Standard, a short text ad is displayed in your e-mail client, and an "I'm protected by SPAMfighter" message is attached as a footer to your outgoing e-mails. Also, you don't have the language filter and some other features are missing.

You can download this free spam blocker here.


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