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Search Engine Optimization


Before you can start writing your site content, it is essential for search engine optimization, that you first develop the table of highly profitable keywords applicable for your website, and the corresponding site structure.

If you have not yet developed them, see Site Content, and especially Site Content: Choosing Keywords for finding the most profitable keywords, and Site Content: Site Structure for building the site structure that is optimal from the point of view of search engine optimization.

Now it's time to fill that structure with content that accomplishes two critical goals...

1) Deliver valuable information to your readers - your visitors must get what they are looking for. Help them solve their problems and quests. Satisfy the whole reason why they are doing the search. You must really know and like the subject for this.

2) Convince each search engine that you are the most relevant (at least in the Top 30, preferably in the Top 10) for the keywords that you target. Keywords are one of the most important things in search engine optimization.

Here are your goals in more detail...

1) Your potential visitors must find you on the first or second page of the search results for your keyword. Otherwise you simply don't exist for that word.

2) Your potential visitors must read the Title and Description that are listed in the search results, and must find it attractive and sufficiently compelling to click to your site.

3) Your visitors find valuable site content that helps them solve their problems, and so learn to trust you, and follow your recommendations, whatever that's a click on the link to an affiliate program, buying your product, subscribing to your newsletter, etc.

If you have developed the structure of your site properly, your search engine optimization work will be much easier and you'll never have to worry about the search engines, because their product is the quality of their results, and your pages help them make their product better...

  • Your pages are optimized for relevant keywords and deliver quality content to searchers.
  • No off-target keywords to suck in untargeted customers.
  • No page cloaking or invisible links or anything else that is not natural for a true content site.
  • No wasting your time on creating multiple versions of the same site, one for each major engine. Instead, focus on building one "best fit" site that scores well with most of the engines for most of your words. Then spend your time on creating another site.
  • No multiple doorway pages which are specially created as part of a search engine optimization campaign. The fact is that every page which is optimized to rank well, is acting as a "doorway" to your website.

Each page should contain content that is about one of your most profitable keywords. This is the keyword that you want the search engines to rank highly. We'll call this word the specific keyword from now on. As you write the page, you focus upon using this keyword slightly more than your high school English teacher taught you was "good English."

There are also general keywords - the more generic words that are associated with your specific keywords. For example, if your specific keyword is "search engine optimization," your general keywords would be "placement," "ranking," "positioning," "promotion," etc.

You'll never be successful in optimization campaign for general keywords by themselves - there is just too much competition. Even if you win, the traffic is just too non-targeted to be interested in your specific niche.

But if you blend some general keywords with your specific ones, you'll do well when searchers use word combinations. You only need to include them once or twice - you're not trying to get top ranking for general keywords. You are interested in combinations of general keywords with the specific one, which bring excellent, highly targeted visitors.

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