General rules of search engine submissions.

Search Engine Submissions


Here are some rules and tips that can help you submit your site to the major search engines (SEs)...

1) Don't submit your site to hundreds or even thousands of engines. See Collection of Free Search Engines for the list of major SEs that you should submit your site to.

2) Don't trust the search engine submissions to automated programs and services. SEs don't like these services. So, you should submit your site manually or use a submission service or software that completely mimics a common browser.

See Tools: Free Website Submission for a safe, quick, and free submission tool.

3) When you enter your URL, make sure you type in the whole address, including appropriate prefix (i.e., http://) and a trailing slash ("/") if the URL doesn't include a file name (e.g.,

4) Many SEs give a higher ranking to pages they find on their own versus pages that were specifically submitted to them. From this point of view, you should submit the top two or three pages that best summarize your website (for example, home page and table of contents), and let search engines find the other pages from your website by following links from top pages.

However, some SEs take a long time to spider the internal pages if only the top pages are submitted. By submitting all the internal pages in your site you can speed up the process of search engine submissions.

5) Don't exceed the recommended limits of submissions per day for the same domain. Otherwise, you may find that all your submissions are ignored. Some consultants feel it's dangerous to submit more than one page a day to an engine for a given website. See also Resources: Easy Website Builders for the description of "Automatic Search Engine Submission" included in Solo Build It

6) After a page has been included into the index, unless you make significant changes to the page or it's dropped from the index, don't submit this page again. If you've made significant changes to a page, resubmit it, but no sooner than a few weeks since your last submission.

7) Work hard on building link popularity of your site. For example, while Google might spider it, your site won't be added to the database until someone else links to it. If you're in a big hurry, buy a second domain and put some unique content on it and cross-link your two sites.

8) Sometimes the search engine submissions can be lost at random through technical errors and bugs. For example, if you're indexed and a spider visits when your site is down, you can be removed from the index. Therefore, it pays to monitor your search engine rankings carefully.

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