Free credit card processing - 3rd party credit card processing companies that can accept credit cards and online checks on your behalf - processing fees, extra costs and other details.

Free Credit Card Processing


Take a look at 3rd party credit card processing companies if you want the least expensive and easiest way to start selling your products or services on the Web. They are companies that accept credit card orders on your behalf without requiring you to have your own merchant account.

Free credit card processing services are excellent if you're just starting out. Instead of paying for expensive credit card processing software, a secure server, customer service fees, monthly gateway fees, minimum transaction fees, and the like, you'll simply pay a percentage of the sale price of each product. Some of 3rd party credit card processing companies can run an affiliate program for you. It'll help you in promoting your site.

A lot of free credit card processing services can be found all over the Net. The list below includes only those 3rd party credit card processing companies that have been in business quite a while, are established and most often mentioned on the Web...

PayPal is one of the pioneers in the free credit card processing solutions, oferring a wide range of options and services. As a sister company of Ebay, it is a natural choice if you are going to conduct your business on this popular auction site.

Basic features:

  • Lower transaction fees than other 3rd party credit card processing companies.
  • 60%-70% lower fraud loss rates than other services.
  • Paypal also provides you a shopping cart that you can easily place directly on your website.
  • About 100 million active PayPal buyers worldwide.
Orders ByCredit cards, PayPal
Transaction Fees$0.30 + 1.9%-2.9%
Fee ($5/$20/$100 item)$0.44/$0.88/$3.20

Payment to you is made into your bank account.

This free credit card processing company only accepts customers who sell website content or services. It offers recurring billing and referral program.

Orders ByCredit cards
Transaction Fees14.5%
Fee ($5/$20/$100 item)$0.73/$2.90/$14.50

Only issues checks.
CCBill holds 5% of the total revenues for a period of 26 weeks.
Payments every 7 days.

ClickBank accepts customers who offer digital products and services that are delivered entirely over the Internet itself (via Web pages, files, or email). Your products are promoted through their network of over 100,000 online affiliates. You select an affiliate commission percentage in advance.

Orders ByCredit cards, debit cards, online checks
Transaction Fees$1 + 7.5%
Fee ($5/$20/$100 item)$1.38/$2.50/$8.50

Only issue checks. Charge $2.50 to process and send check.
Withhold 10% of each check which is released after about 90 days.
Payments twice per month.

This 3rd party credit card processing company helps you sell software and shareware via the Internet.

Orders ByCredit cards, money orders, bank/wire transfer, check, cash
Transaction Fees$2.95 + 5% or
14.9% but not less than $2.50
Fee ($5/$20/$100 item)$2.50/$2.98/$7.95

You can choose between US Dollars, Euro and Pound Sterling for payment by bank transfer, check, or direct deposit in the USA.
Fees for issuing monthly payments to you:
Transfer to your account (bank transfer): $2 (Germany = free)
Mailing a check: $5 (USA = free)
Direct Deposit (USA only): free

CC Now
This credit card processor focuses on selling tangible merchandise that will be shipped to online shoppers.

Orders ByCredit cards, PayPal
Monthly CostUSA - $9.95 + 9% of your total sales in excess of $100.00
International - $11.95 + 11% of your total sales in excess of $100.00
(during the initial 30 day trial period you won't be charged a $9.95/$11.95 monthly fee)

They issue checks in US Dollars: $4.
Direct Deposit (USA only): free.
Wire Transfer: $40.
Reserve Funds are used if your length of sales history with CC Now is less than 3 months and sales earnings exceed $1000 in one semi-monthly pay period (see website for more details).
Payments twice per month (you can specify a payment threshold amount).

See Free Merchant Accounts for more information on the advantages and disadvantages of using 3rd party credit card processing companies.

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