The most powerful and free HTML editors for beginners and professional Web designers.

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CoffeeCup HTML Editor CoffeeCup HTML Editor

This is one of the most popular HTML editors in the world. It's inexpensive, easy to use and has a powerful set of features. CoffeeCup HTML editor comes with more than 25,000 graphics, icons, photos, animated GIFs, and background images. It also includes 125 JavaScript scripts, a frame designer, a table designer, a font designer, and an HTML code cleaner.

You can work on and test multiple pages at once. Other features include an internal browser for testing and editing from the Web, an image-previewing utility, a thumbnail image-creation wizard, a sound gallery, right-click FTP upload, online help, a step-by-step Web design guide, and references for the latest HTML 4.0 tags.

HTML editors - Dreamweaver Adobe Dreamweaver (formerly Macromedia Dreamweaver)

This is the best WYSIWYG HTML editor on the market, available for both Windows and Mac. It allows beginners and professional Web designers to...

  • Insert text or images or set the values of lists, check boxes, input fields, and other tag attributes without writing HTML codes.
  • Bind objects on your page to dynamic content with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Format the data any way you want it while working in the visual view.
  • And lots more...

Free HTML editors

Free HTML editors - Nvu Nvu

This is a new powerful open source WYSIWYG HTML editor. Nvu runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and has a solid feature set, including...

  • WYSIWYG editing of pages.
  • Multiple file editing with tabs.
  • Multiple views per file: WYSIWYG, Tags, HTML, and Preview.
  • Strong CSS support.
  • Site file management with integrated FTP.
  • On-the-fly spell checking.
Free HTML editors - Arachnophilia Arachnophilia

This is powerful free HTML editor and website workshop. Arachnophilia is written in Java, which means it will run on any platform that supports Java 2. Its main features...

  • Internal browser "Instant View" mode shows your HTML changes as you make them.
  • Interactive spell checker with 120,000-word dictionary.
  • Accepts fully formatted text, tables, automatically creates HTML pages.
  • Supports multiple Web browsers, switches between them in a flash.
  • Supports development of HTML, frames, CGI, Perl, C++, Java and Javascript with many intelligent tools and functions.
  • Built-in FTP client automatically uploads changed files.
  • Global search & replace across all open documents.
Free HTML editors - 1st Page 200 1st Page 2000

This is a free HTML editor for Windows.
Quick overview of 1st Page 2000 features...

  • Customizable Toolbars.
  • 450+ Javascripts/VBScripts.
  • DHTML Zone with re-usable DHTML scripts.
  • Full support for SSI, CGI, Perl, Cold Fusion, ASP.
  • HTML Source Compressor - Reduce Web page file size.
  • Flash 4/Shockwave/Java/ActiveX Support.
  • Includes over 20+ CGI/Perl scripts from Matt's Script Archive with complete instructions on usage.
  • Syntax Highlights Perl, CSS, HTML, CF, ASP, SSI, Javascript, CGI files.
  • Instant Tag Help anywhere, anytime.
  • Spell Checker.
Free HTML editors - HTML-Kit HTML-Kit

This is a free HTML editor for Windows designed to help HTML, XML and script authors to edit, format, lookup help, validate, preview and publish Web pages. Its main features...

  • Open, edit and save local and remote files online or offline.
  • Color coding support for HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, PHP, Perl, Java, Python, C/C++, Pascal files with customizable file extensions.
  • Extendable spell checker with multiple main and user dictionaries.
  • The customizable "Active Preview" window to automatically preview the current document as you type.
  • Quickly preview pages in multiple external browsers. Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, NCSA Mosaic, WebTV and Amaya can be automatically detected, other browsers can be added manually.
  • Context sensitive online help for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript and PHP.
  • Validate documents using the graphical user interface for W3C's HTML Tidy and view automatically corrected code in the output window for side-by-side comparison.
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