Discover the optimal niche for your website and you won't be working, you'll be playing!

The optimal niche for your website


The only successful strategy on this over-congested Internet is to select specific niche and to fill it with high-value content.

Absolutely everyone has some special interest, hobby, passion. Absolutely everyone knows something that others from around the world seek.

What activities do you enjoy most? What special knowledge have you learned? What do you do in a typical day?

Your goal is to find a subject that you really know and like and that you think would have some appeal for others. Your passion will make work fun and easy. If a concept really turns you on, you won't be working. You'll be playing.

The real opportunities lie in the niches. The optimal niche must be not too broad and not too narrow. Can a single person ever fill a website about, for example, "Marketing?" On the other hand, a website about "Internet marketing in Guinea-Bissau" will not attract many interested visitors. The right niche lies between these extreme examples.

Have in mind that the search engines are becoming theme based. This means that instead of only looking at the content of individual pages they look at the content of all the pages in the website.

So if you choose to develop a broad concept like "Marketing," with several major sub-themes, it will be harder to rank well for the sub-themes than if you dedicated a single site to a sub-theme. The simple recommendation is to keep your niche as narrow as possible, yet still with enough profit potential.

Try to look at the concept from the visitors end. Who are they? What do you want these visitors to get out of your website? You should have clear, concise answers to these questions.

Don't stop after discovering the first niche concept. Write down concepts as they hit you - make the list as long as you can. Just write down ideas for site concepts as they occur.

Take your time on this - the final concept will form the foundation for your future success.

Here's the comprehensive resource that describes the above process in more detail - Ken Evoy's Affiliate Masters course (new 2005 edition). It's probably the best single resource on building a successful website... at any price... and it's free! There's no charge - you're not even asked for your email address.

Now you're at a critical loop point. It's time to decide which website concept to pick. You definitely know which concept excites you the most, but you don't know which one is most profitable. You don't have enough information yet.

So start with the niche concept that excites you the most and go to the next step... Choosing Keywords.

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